3 Ways to Become a Visionary Thinker

Unlock your potential! Embrace visionary thinking, understand your brain, build routines & set goals for career development & personal growth

Aug 26, 2023

A Powerful Way To Overcome Negative Feelings

Embracing negative emotions instead of seeking distractions can be transformative. This method shows you how to turn negative feelings into huge insight.

Aug 18, 2023

3 Ways To Say No To Tasks And Yes To Meaningful Work

Through understanding project principles, your role and your own mind you can put in measures to stop getting pulled into work you shouldn’t that will protect your best interests.

Aug 11, 2023

7 Ways To Win Over Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs act as a drag on our ability to stand up, relentlessly pursue what we want, and create deep inner fulfilment. Here are the 'big 7' limiting beliefs - and how to crush them.

Aug 04, 2023

How To Avoid Career Drift By This 1 Simple Method

We spend 40 hours of our time each week at work. It's easy to slip into 'drift' mode. Here I'll share a powerful technique to stop that happening.

Jul 28, 2023

3 Profound Career Mistakes Every Business Analyst Should Avoid To Accelerate Their Career

I interviewed business leaders and BAs and found a number of areas that you can work on to make sure you avoid those common mistakes

Jul 21, 2023

One Powerful Tool You Need To Make Transformative Decisions

Explore how a robust inner identity aids decision-making, fosters resilience, and cultivates authenticity. Learn to use your values as a compass, while trusting your intuition for confident choices.

Jul 13, 2023

3 Ways You Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Overcome Imposter Syndrome with this practical guide. Identify triggers, reframe thoughts, and celebrate your achievements to lead with confidence

Jul 07, 2023