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I was in a box and couldn't get out.

It's really hard to see what step to take next to get unstuck. And so we go into 'comfort zone'.

Having been there myself I know exactly how it feels and how frustrating it is. And that's what prompted me to become the Founder of Confident Sage.

The Confident Sage Philosophy

Imagine You're An iPhone

Have you ever stood back and thought about that relentless evolution of an iPhone? 

There's a reason people queue up for hours, or even sleep in a tent, outside the Apple store - to get the next version of the iPhone. With every new release, we encounter an enhanced version, leading us to eagerly anticipate its arrival.

Now, imagine if you were that iPhone, persistently advancing, always improving.

That's the core of Confident Sage - the personal transformation journey that believes in continually creating better versions of ourselves.

Your Creative Mechanism

There's something deep inside of ourselves called the 'Creative Mechanism' which is bursting to get out - and is the secret to our life fulfilment.

You're in your element when you're problem solving every day at work - and so now let's turn that problem solving ability onto yourself.

Why The 'Stuckness'?

You're stuck in that box and wonder 'How do I get out?'.

And this struggle to get out is a clear message showing you that it's time to move on. It's telling you that the belief systems you've built up have got you to where you are now - they just aren't serving you anymore.

You've outgrown this box.

It's time to leave it behind and build version 2.0 of you.

“When James coaches me, he has such a calming presence and an empowering manner that I feel I can conquer anything. He continually meets me where I’m at, artfully pushes me through my next challenge without judgement and is fully present. I’ve sailed through my limiting beliefs with ease.”

Pip Hall, Business Analyst

Breaking Boundaries, Boosting Confidence

Confident Sage sets out to dismantle the boxes and boundaries we build for ourselves.

Through empowerment coaching I will help you destroy self-imposed limitations without requiring drastic measures. Done in a deeply caring and personal way, I use my Confidence Dynamics framework to not only move you away from limiting beliefs, but to build the 3 components of your self-confidence - a robust Belief System, unstoppable Personal Power and powerful Self Expression.

That is v2.0 of you which unlocks the potential within you, helping you grow, attain self-confidence, and ultimately, satisfaction in life.

Meet the Architect of Transformation

I am James Compton.

Before my professional life started I joined an ashram as a monk. Then I embarked on a 20 year journey working as a Business Analyst transforming organisations. During that I simultaneously navigated an extraordinary personal journey. I bring into my teachings my deep values of family, my profound experiences of meditation from the ancient Vedic tradition and combine this with modern neuroscience into a unique coaching approach.

My mission? To empower career professionals to recognise their value and creative potential, and become the best version of themselves to serve humanity.

Embark on Your Journey to Self-Improvement

Upgrade yourself as you would eagerly anticipate the next iPhone release.

Allow me to walk with you in this exciting journey towards continual personal growth and improving self-confidence.

Your new and improved version is awaiting discovery.

Score Your Confidence Now

If you haven't already taken our leading Confidence Dynamics scorecard, this free 2-minute quiz will give you a powerful insight into your confidence and actionable advice.

The key to unlocking your business analysis potential lies in your confidence.