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Create Your Perfect Career

Take control & step into the bigger version of you that you deserve

Imagine a world where your analytical skills aren't just applied to business, but are the key to unlocking your deepest potential.

How empowering would that feel?

You already have all the answers within.

But did you know that 90% of our actions are automatically triggered by our subconscious?

That'll certainly explain why there's a disconnect between what you DESIRE to do, and what ACTUALLY happens. It also explains why we're left wondering:

  • Why do I feel like I'm in a box and can't find a way out?

  • Why am I busy helping others and can't make time to help myself?

  • How can I get out my stuck ways of thinking and find my answers within?

  • It's high time that this all changes

    Introducing the Confidence Breakthrough

    A transformative 12-week programme, meticulously crafted to guide you through a group coaching experience. Look at yourself from outside of your current world and craft a new version of you that moves you towards your hopes and dreams.

    With all the answers within, this coaching process provides you a system, framework and the tools to discover it and reframe your life.

      In just 12 weeks you will:

    • Create 100% clarity on your life direction

    • Improve your mental resilience and physical energy

    • Create new habits, new relationships and new beliefs that unlock unthinkable opportunities

    • Experience life-changing freedom from a new found self-acceptance

    • Pursue bold goals aligned with your own truths

    This all feels like too much hard work I don't have time for.

    It's easier than you think, but because we aren't taught how then it all feels foreign and vague. But it's like anything - you need a process. Learning to speak needs a process. Learning to be a better Business Analyst needs a process.

    But here's a mindset shift - when you start giving that much needed attention to you, you'll discover time you never thought you had - saying no more, completing things faster, delegating much more easily.

    And it's certainly a much easier job than staying stuck with old ideas and beliefs that drain your energy and cause unnecessary anxiety

    It's kind of a no brainer...

    When Pip first started, she had some emotional baggage to clear out, but it was evident she was brilliant at what she did. Within 12 weeks of the Confidence Breakthrough and some 1-2-1 sessions she went from self-doubt to super confident. She found the time inside and outside of work to upgrade herself, diligently applied herself 150% - then bursting with confidence she won Business Analyst of the year, and in expanding her other life areas created new opportunities within and outside work. Pip knew that it wasn't skills she needed. She just needed to unlock her power, belief and creativity.

    How Do I Sign Up For The Next Programme?

    What Others Are Saying

    I've worked with some of the most dedicated, talented and intelligent Business Analysts.

    Here's What You Get With This Programme

    Tailored Strategy Session

    A free kick-off session where we co-create your transformation roadmap and set powerful goals for your 12-week journey (and beyond)


    Partner up with a fellow sprinter, and also set weekly tasks to be held to account on

    Drop In Clinics - 2x Per Week

    Get your questions answered, get unstuck, and share your experiences in the group to increase your speed of progress

    Self Paced Learning

    Powerful online modules & tools to guide you through your confidence breakthrough aligned with the stages of the programme

    3 Live Masterclasses

    Experience expertise and practical application of topics that will accelerate your confidence

    Community Membership

    A safe space for 12 weeks - access to the inner circle of confident, caring and family-like community where we all grow together

    Breakthrough Sprints

    Pick from a whole suite of sprints in which you can develop a specific aspect of your character

    1-2-1 Coaching

    Dive deeper into specific areas. Unlock free half-hour coaching sessions with ‘interaction points’

    And much more!

    Our 100% Confident Guarantee

    If within the first 15 days you're getting nothing from this confidence breakthrough then we will refund you 100% without question.

    Our Unique Methodology

    Our career life and personal life are parallel tracks and this programme brings them together for a unique approach to personal and professional transformation. The Confidence Dynamics System is not just another self-help method; it's a holistic journey through the multiple layers of your personality. From the core of your inner identity to the facade of your professional profile, we guide you every step of the way.

    Five Levels of Transformation Our system is structured into five distinct levels, each designed to unlock your creative expression. The result? A newfound confidence that permeates both your personal and professional life.

    Why Confidence Dynamics?

    • 1️⃣ Holistic Approach: We believe in the power of parallel transformation. By aligning both personal and professional growth, we offer a comprehensive experience that few can match.

    • 2️⃣ Expertise You Can Trust: Our lead coach brings to the table over 20 years of business analysis experience. But that's not all. As a certified life coach who has lived the disciplined life of a monk in an ashram, he offers a blend of deep spiritual insights and practical neuroscience principles. This unique combination has been the foundation of his own balanced life, marked by a commanding presence and unwavering confidence.

    • 3️⃣ A Unique Delivery: Our programme is way more than just a course; it's a community - with lifelong like-minded friends. We combine interactive courseware with a supportive community to provide a nurturing environment for continued growth. Plus, our use of business analysis and project management tools ensures that your transformational journey is systematic and structured.